Haselton M. Hormonal: How Hormones Drive Desire, Shape Relationships, and Make Us Wiser

Provocative, ground-breaking and entertaining, the world’s leading expert on sexuality and the ovulation cycle reveals the hidden intelligence of hormones.In this paradigm-shifting book, Martie Haselton explains how hormonal intelligence works - both its strengths and its weaknesses - and shows women how to track and understand their desires, fears and perceptions with a radical new understanding of the biological processes that profoundly influence our behaviour. Rigorously researched, entertaining and empowering, Hormonal offers women deep new insights into their bodies, brains and relationships, and will encourage women everywhere to embrace the genius of female biology.

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Martie Haselton Hormonal

Beverly A. Potter Healing Hormones

Healing Hormones tackles a huge, attention-getting subject. TV and radio shows, websites telling people to take it easy, slow down, de-stress to feel better, live longer, be a better parent and more loving mate. But how? The prescriptions are disappointing: Yoga? Time-consuming and difficult for many. Prescription drugs? Costly, subject to abuse and may not be helpful. Naturopathic remedies? Unproven, untested and often ineffective. Healing Hormones has a better answer: show readers how to harness their own bodies' heal producing chemicals to improve their lives. Healing Hormones takes the take-care-of-yourself trend a step beyond where it has been before. Author Mark J. Estren, Ph.D., investigates five body-produced hormones that counter the stress response to make life better, calmer and more relaxed. The five healing hormones are dopamine, nitric oxide, endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin.Healing Hormones will be readers' top choice to learn the pluses and minuses of the remarkable hormones that drive their health and happiness or undercut it. Estren—who has more than 20 years of experience writing about medical issues and research for patients and their families—explains how to harness the power of these healing hormones in clear, easily understandable language.

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Gravanis Achille G. Hormones in Neurodegeneration, Neuroprotection, and Neurogenesis

As life expectancy increases and population ages, the already enormous impact of neurodegeneration on society will become even larger without better prevention and treatment. Developing strategies to prevent degeneration of neurons and to promote a healthy nervous system is, thus, critical. The development of pharmacological agents that would increase production of new neurons was recently facilitated by the identification of the hormonal regulators of various steps of adult neurogenesis. The proposed book is writen by a group of top world experts involved in the study of the mechanisms of hormonal control of brain damage and repair. The effects of thyroid and steroid hormones (estrogens, androgens, progestins, gluco-mineralo-corticoids, various neurosteroids) or polypeptide hormones (CRF, urocortins, somatostastin, GH/IGF, leptin, prolactin, PACAP, erythropoetin) on neuronal survival and neurogenesis in various neurodegenerative conditions and in brain aging will be discussed in detail. The proposed book is unique because it gives a comprehensive account of the neuroprotective and neurogenic effects of steroid and polypeptide hormones. Furthermore, new pharmacological approaches for treatment of neurodegenerative conditions are presented, based on the neuroprotective and neurogenic properties of natural and synthetic hormones.

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Mario Maggi Hormonal Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction

Hormonal therapy offers a potentially powerful approach to the treatment of sexual disorders in men. However the interplay of different hormones within different bodily systems is carefully balanced; judicious judgement is required in the therapeutic use of hormones to minimize unwelcome side effects. A better understanding of how hormones work will help the physician to better tailor therapies for improved sexual responses in men. Hormonal Therapy for Male Sexual Dysfunction will provide the rationale for hormonal therapy in male sexual disorders, explaining the language of sexual endocrinology and its application in clinical practice. The aim of this book is to provide a clinical ‘in the office’ or ‘at the bedside’ guide to effective patient care for sexual medicine physicians, urologists, gynecologists and other health-care providers in practice and in training. The tone will be practical, not academic. The working assumption is that readers want to know what (and what not) might or should be done, without over emphasis on the why. That said, it is important to review the crucial basic science necessary for effective diagnosis and management, and to provide reminders in the context of the practical chapters. It will not be heavily referenced, in line with a more practical approach. This allows for smoother reading (and also relieves the burden of comprehensive citing from authors). Key evidence (clinical trials, Cochrane or other meta analyses) should be summarized in ‘Evidence at a Glance’ boxes and key references such as reviews, major papers can be provided in the ‘selected bibliography’ at the end of each chapter. Practical guidance will be provided through: – the use of algorithms and guidelines where they are appropriate – ‘Tips and Tricks’ boxes – hints on improving outcomes perhaps via practical technique, patient questioning etc – ‘Caution’ warning boxes – hints on avoiding problems, perhaps via contraindications – ‘Science Revisited’ – quick reminder of the basic science principles necessary for understanding

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Caroline Church I Blame The Hormones: A raw and honest account of one woman’s fight against depression

I Blame the Hormones follows the story of one woman battling long-term depression, her determination to root out the cause, and her ultimate discovery which freed her from its prison.Caroline Church suffered from a depression so chronic she experienced hallucinations, delusions and even suicidal inclinations. Yet through exploring the correlation between her depressive episodes and the basic elements of female nature, over many years she discovered that what she thought was a mental disorder was actually due to a hormonal imbalance. And the best bit? She learnt what she could do and take to control it.Shocking, vivid, and a must read for women, their partners and healthcare professionals alike, I Blame the Hormones is the uplifting memoir of Caroline’s journey to pull herself through despite all the odds.

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Martie Haselton Ukryta inteligencja hormonów

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